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Via della Tecnica, 29
40068 S. Lazzaro di Savena, BO
Phone: +39 051 6256490
Fax: +39 051 6258516
Products Brooms, Brushes, Housewares
Bruno Biavati Snc
BRUNO BIAVATI started the production of brooms and brushes in 1950 as a small industry and, following the market trend, it kept growing steadily. In 1979 the company moved to its present location and enlarged its space to the current size of 2000 mq.
In 1992, owing to the sudden death of the sole owner, Mr. Bruno Biavati, the company was changed from a Proprietorship into a Copartnership.
The manufacturing activity was continued and augmented by the son, Mr. Roberto Biavati, now the Sole Administrator of the company that nevertheless maintained the name of the father and founder: Bruno Biavati snc.
Today, BRUNO BIAVATI company extends its distribution network to wholesalers and the most prestigious distribution chains both in Italy and abroad.