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Via Pecori Giraldi, 59/A
36070 Castelgomberto, VI
Phone: +39 0445 941494
Fax: +39 0445 941522
Products Dog Food, Pet Food, Cat Food
Nova Foods Srl
Nova Foods was established in 1991 on the basis of a preexistent business operating in the catering field. The leap from producing human food to pet food was brilliantly managed thanks to a versatile management that successfully engineered the company’s penetration of a competitive sector. Today we are present not only in European countries but in the world markets. We supply a vast range of high-quality products, thanks to the support of our research & development center as well as our selection of the freshest homogenized raw materials (Fresh Chicken and Turkey meat). Due to the high level of these raw materials and the formula created by our nutrutionist, we obtain foods meeting the requirements of the animals and have conquered more and more important market shares.

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