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Via di Fugnano, 20
53037 San Gimignano, SI
Phone: +39 0577 940506
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Nuova Bristot Srl
Bristot has been making bakery products since 1936. The company mainly specialises in biscuits which it produces following traditional methods, paying particular attention to the quality of the base materials.

All this means that the products we put on the market really are handcrafted and of the highest quality.

In addition, our company policy means that all the food products used can be traced back to source. Furthermore, we also analyse the microbiological characteristics of the products in line with ISTISAN 96/35 standards.

No genetically modified foodstuffs are used in our bakery products which are made in a plant using ingredients that conform with article 6, paragraphs 3 bis, 10 and 11 of EU directive 2003/89/EC on allergenic substances.